briot-perceptionNot all opticians are the same. Each offers a way for you to get new eyeglasses, and many offer contacts, sunglasses, and accessories. But each is different. And they are different behind the scenes as well. One way Hill Opticians is different is we grind your eyeglass lenses in house!

In the modern age of specialization most opticians send glasses out to be ground to fill your prescription and fit your frames. But Hill does this in house. Being able to quickly meet the needs of our customers and keep a tight rein on quality control are two reasons why. In fact we just updated our equipment with the purchase of the Briot Perception, which can grind a lens in a couple of minutes.

The advantage to you? For one, less waiting. Usually when you want new lenses for existing frames you need to part with your glasses for at least a few days. Not at Hill. We can order the lens blanks for your prescription with all the components you asked for (UV protection, tint, transition, etc.) and ask you to come in. The lenses are ground and put in your frames during a 10 to 15 minute wait. No days without your current glasses. This also allows us to monitor the quality of the final product which is very important to us here at Hill Opticians!

Hill Opticians has been providing quality eye care to the Upper Valley of NH and VT since 1947. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. To find out more contact us!