17976124_10155463352986535_1029645853_oMilan 2 July 2012

Dear Mr. Hill,

As I was in Hanover on Sunday June 10, 2012, for my son’s graduation at Dartmouth, the only pair of prescription glasses that I had with me suddenly broke. The following day, I brought my glasses to your store and you were able to repair them free of charge in just a few minutes. You thus allowed me to continue my trip across the United States without delays or complications.

I am sincerely grateful for your kindness. Please accept this small antique print as a modest but heartfelt attempt to returning the favor. The print is taken from the 1835 book by M.F.E. Guerin “DICTIONNAIRE PITTORESQUE D’HISTOIRE NATURELLE ET DES PHENOMENES DE LA NATURE. CONTENANT L’HISTOIRE DES ANIMAUX, DES VEGETAUX, AVEC PLANCHES GRAVEES SUR ACIER SUR LES DESSEINS DE MM. DE SAINSON ET FRIES,” published in Paris by the Bureau de Souscription.


Paolo Pizzinelli