Dear Robert,

What you did for me this past Thursday in answering all my questions, giving me the lens cleaner, and then perfectly removing the rose tint on my old glasses all seemed wonderfully amazing to me. I was just so pleased with the outcome of my visit to Hill Opticians once again.

It is comforting to see a familiar face when coming in for something as serious and personal as vision. Through many years, whether it was you or Ron Hill (and now Melissa!), I felt a sense of calm that comes with being in kindly and so very capable hands. I think what you did for me Thursday was extra-special and I am truly grateful.

I’ve been wearing the glasses at various times and for different tasks and they are just fine. No trace of the tint remains, and that seems better for my eyes.

Although I was sorry to miss you when we came back to pick up the glasses, Melissa’s fitting was fine and she was truly caring and friendly too.

Thank you so much for the excellent service you always give.


Josette (Lyders)