Alla Devitskaya, OD

Dr. Alla Devitskaya brings to any routine eye exam her deep passion for optometry combined with new technology to create a unique eyewear prescription and contact lens experience. It is obvious to everybody that ocular health is fundamental for clear vision. Therefore the diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases and disorders are an essential part of the comprehensive eye care that Dr. Devitskaya provides to her patients.

Dr. Devitskaya is proud to be a graduate of The New England College of Optometry in Boston. During her clinical training, Dr. Devitskaya worked at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Brockton, MA, Merrimack Vision Care in Merrimack, NH, the Lyme Community Center in Lyme, MA and others.

Dr. Devitskaya spends her leisure time with her family traveling and enjoys staying active by playing tennis and exercising.

Dr. Devitskaya continues her education by attending optometry meetings and societies and of course, reading her favorite “Review of Optometry.”